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26 December 2017 @ 10:56 am
2017 In Review  
well another year has come and gone. i'd say it was a pretty good year.

March 29, 2017: the BFF and I took a trip to Chicago and we saw BTS in concert. it was amazing.. those posts are here and here.

March/April: i got a promotion at work and i'm now working in the IT Department. i went from a workstation to a desk to an office in less than a month. (we moved to a new building)

May: saw the Blue Angels at the Duluth Air Show. that was quite amazing. loved that.

July: one of my favorite lead singers, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, took his life unexpectantly. i was at work when this happened and i had a mini panic attack. i didn't want to believe it at first, but it happened. #fuckdepression, it took me a while to start listening again, but it still hurts sometimes.

September: the BFF and I hit the road again, this time to Minneapolis to see KARD (Rookies of the Year) in concert. that was quite amazing as well. we had some good seats and i finally learned how to operate my video camera on my phone properly. lol. that post is here.

November: i call the week before Thanksgiving, BTS week, cause they exploded everywhere on American TV. partly due to their AMA performance, which was amazing! i felt like a proud mother. i just couldn't keep up and was overwhelmed. i missed alot of the interviews and such, but it felt wierd seeing them on my TV.

wow what a great thumbmail.

December: well this month's been okay, well let's just say the first half was okay. December 18, i woke up to some bad news again. yet another lead singer of a group Kim Jonghyun of Shinee, took his life. i really didn't want to believe that again. i was really numb that day. quiet and in denial. Shinee holds a special place in my heart. it hurts cause Shinee brought kpop into my life, back in 2010? somewhere around then, Lucifer was also the first korean song that i memorized. so RIP Jonghyun, heaven has gained an angel and i know he's looking down upon us.
i'm also taking an unexpected vacation this week, due to overage in vacation (and since i didn't understand the vacation poilcy at work and wasn't fully explained) and i can't roll it over to next year. so since Friday 12/22 to 1/02/2018, i am on vacation. yay to me?!

so 2018, i hope it to be a good year again. i'm hoping to see BTS again in concert, maybe B.A.P too who knows..  seeing Little Big Town in March and i'll be taking 2 weeks of vacation sometime in the year. lol.
so here's to 2018, lets make it our bitch.
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