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20 May 2018 @ 09:46 am
what a weekend.  
it's been a wild weekend. new music from some of my fave artists, a royal wedding and waking up early to watch it, and a photo op with both artist who released music this week..

well, let's start on thursday.
  Backstreet Boys released a new song in like forever. it' s okay. i'm not a huge fan of it yet, i haven't listened to it much since it was released, but it might grow on me

Now, we're jumping to friday (and mainly why i'm posting this entry)
  BTS released Love Yourself: Tear on friday, and premiered the FAKE LOVE MV. at first listen it was a bop for me. i had the album on repeat all day at work. it was fabolous.

and then this happened while i was on lunch.

nick carter tweeting about BTS... my emotions were out of control. i was like what is happening? this needs to happen (see below).

saturday, the royal wedding.
  woke up at 5:30am to watch the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. i have to say, it was a great wedding. from the american preacher to the choir singing "Stand By Me". it's was really good. her dress was simple, yet elegant. i really liked it. Congrats Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

cut to Saturday Afternoon/Evening.. this actually happened.

YEP, BACKSTREET BOYS AND BTS GOT TO MEET EACH OTHER AND THERE WAS A PHOTO OP. my heart exploded. i was crying and shaking. my boys all together in one room. the bff and another friend thought of me when they both saw this. it was amazing. i loved it. (it's now currently by background on my laptop.) it was a great ending to my saturday.

so tonight, BTS will be peforming FAKE LOVE on the Billboard Music Awards along with being nominated for Best Social Artist (which i'm hoping for a repeat win) so i'll be fangirling along with the rest of the ARMYs tonight.
Listening to:: BTS - FAKE LOVE
lycoris_rosea0905_lily on October 16th, 2018 07:38 am (UTC)
Aahh I didn't know BTS met Backstreet Boys until I saw this! xD